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Downloading Bid and RFP specifications

Business Proposals Downloading Bid and RFP specifications The Camden County Technical School district is participating in Camden County's service to allow potential bidders the ability to download Bid and RFP specifications from a secure web site. The County purchasing site allows suppliers to search all of Camden County's open Bids and RFPs that they may be interested in and to have the specification package emailed directly to them. There is no charge to sign up or search the listings. We want to invite you to sign up for this service. Once you submit the required information, the County's Help Desk will email you a user name and password along with a link to the new site. Typically, the turn-around time to grant access to the site is less than 3 business days. You can sign up for this new service by clicking on the link below:

Create an account to access Camden County Purchasing Opportunities

Once you have an account created, you will be placed on the list to receive procurement documents and addendums as they arise. You can always view a list of current open bids by clicking the link below:

Current Camden County Purchasing Opportunities

Please note:
do not send requests to sign up via email.  Use the link above to request a login.