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Leads effort to recruit, select, train, and supervise PROS. 

Plan and lead PROS retreat 

Plan and lead PROS award ceremony 

Plan and lead efforts to further develop PROS program where appropriate 

Coordinate overall PSLP program including PROS component 

Coordinate career portion of program via Kuder 

Train and supervise Peer Leaders 

Record and create narrative of progress throughout the year 

Administrative liaison

Coordinate academic and activity portions of program 

Train and supervise Peer Leaders 

Coordinate Guidance Department’s contributions to program 

What is the mission of the CCTS PROS?

The goals and objectives of the CCTS PROS are to create a culture of student leadership and facilitate the advancement of moral excellence by promoting honor and respect through useful citizenship. 

What are the student qualifications to become a member of the CCTS PROS?

student must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher - GUIDANCE

student must not have any disciplinary infractions on their record (internal/external suspension) - APO

student must be a member of at least one club, organization, or sports team - AD 

What is the selection process for the CCTS PROS?

student must receive a nomination from a teacher or administrator.

student must complete and submit application by provided deadline.

student must interview for the PROS position with a selection panel - careful review of all student records, including grades, discipline, and attendance. 

What events and activities are the CCTS PROS involved with?

·  Freshman Orientation

·  Bi-Weekly Training Sessions (as deemed necessary)

·  Leadership Retreat Weekend

·  Guided tours of the Gloucester Township Campus

·  Graduation/Commencement 

What are the rewards of being a member of CCTS PROS?

Uniform Distinction (PROS hoody, PROS polo, PROS T-shirt, etc.)

College Application/Transcript/Resume

PROS Lounge (Tradewinds Lounge) – lunch, meetings, study sessions

PROS Awards Luncheon

PROS Leadership Retreat Weekend