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Penn Tech - Uniform Information

Pennsauken Campus of Camden County Technical Schools
2014-2015 School Year

Type of attire

Uniform attire requirements


A short sleeve or long sleeve polo style shirt (shirt with a collar) that is solid light gray or solid dark maroon in color is mandatory. Scarves may not be worn in the buildings.

Shirts underneath the polo shirt

Long sleeve shirts, camisoles, tank tops, and t-shirts may be worn underneath the approved uniform shirt. Approved colors are grey, maroon, black, and white (solids only).

Hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters

These clothing items may be worn over the mandatory polo shirt and must be solid light gray or dark maroon with no writing or emblems on them. Absolutely no writing or emblems on the sleeves as well.

School approved Penn Tech clothing items may also be worn.


Solid black pants (frayed and distressed black pants are unacceptable). Pants must be worn on or above the hip. No pants with extra zippers, buttons, or designs. No leggings can be worn alone. No spandex at any time.

Sweatpants and sleepwear are unacceptable. Shirt and pants must overlap at alll times, including while seated.

Shorts, skirts, and Capri pants

Must be solid black "Dickie" or "Docker" style. Shorts and skirts must be knee length (no short shorts, short skirts, or athletic/gym shorts are permitted). No yoga pants. Solid black leggings may be worn under knee-length shorts, a knee-length skirt, or with capris over them. Stockings may be worn; however, only white, gray, black, maroon, or natural colors. No fishnet or decorated stockings may be worn.

Outerwear (coats/jackets)

Coats are to be placed in lockers and are to stay there until the end of the day. Students who want to wear their outside jackets during lunch may take them out of their lockers at the beginning of the lunch period; however, they must return them to their lockers at the end of the lunch period. Outerwear may not be worn anywhere in the building. Scarves may not be worn in the buildings.

Head wear

No type of head covering (this includes but is not limited to hats, caps, bonnets, and wave caps) may be worn in the buildings at any time. Headbands may not be worn on the forehead.

Foot wear

Shoes, sandals, sneakers or other appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. NO SLIPPERS ARE PERMITTED.

Flip flops

They may be worn from May 1 until October 1. Flip flops are not allowed in certain career area classrooms due to safety issues.

Career Programs

Career program teachers will give their career attire requirements to the students as applicable.


Type of attire

Uniform attire requirements


Solid black sweat pants may be worn.


Plain, solid gray or maroon T-shirts with short or long sleeves are to be worn.


Solid black, elastic waist athletic shorts, mid-thigh to knee length may be worn.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Sweatshirts with a zipper and hoodies in light gray or dark maroon may be worn (school-approved hoodies or sweatshirts may also be worn).