Job Placement assistance for graduates and current students!

Job Placement Assistance

Two types of job placement assistance are available at Camden County Technical Schools. Job placement assistance is offered to all individuals who have graduated from the high school or adult division. The cooperative education program is offered to eligible students in their junior or senior year who qualify for enrollment in the work-study program. These programs are explained in more detail below.

Job placement assistance can be utilized at any time by a graduate of the district. In order to take advantage of this free service, graduates need only submit a resume to the Job Placement Office. If a graduate does not have a resume, he or she may complete a resume worksheet and have one created. The resume worksheet may be accessed through the link on this web site. Submission of a resume or resume worksheet may be performed through this web site, faxed to (856) 767-3904,
e-mailed to or mailed to the attention of Dr. Siobhan Kelly at the Sicklerville Campus. Once received, the Job Placement Office will review the resume or worksheet, make revisions, and e-mail it back to the job candidate for approval. Once approval is received, the individual is considered registered for job placement. Services include matching of the job candidate to employers seeking the skills indicated on the resume, free faxing of one’s resume to local businesses, receipt of a Job Opportunities Newsletter via e-mail once per month, and personal career counseling, if necessary.

Cooperative Education/Structured Learning is a program available to eligible current junior and senior high school students. Cooperative education and structured learning experiences are programs in which students attend school half a day for academics and work half a day to apply the skills gained in their chosen career area. Students on cooperative education are paid a wage for working while students in an unpaid structured learning experience, also known as an internship, are not paid. Students in an unpaid structured learning experience are obtaining valuable experience for their resume and being trained by a professional on the job. Both have the opportunity to meet with a cooperative education coordinator individually to discuss their experiences each week. They are also visited on the job every 10 working days. All students who are qualified as cooperative education/structured learning participants have gone through an extensive application process. Therefore, employers and structured learning sponsors are almost guaranteed the students really want to work and will do a good job. Students interested in the Cooperative Education/Structured Learning Program fill out an application to apply for the program. These applications may be obtained through the Cooperative Education Coordinator at each Campus. The Sicklerville Campus program is managed by Dr. Kelly and the Pennsauken Campus program is overseen by Mrs. Scheeper.