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Gloucester Township Campus

The School of Leadership studies is designed for students interested in a program of study that incorporates the values of good citizenship, leadership and exemplary character with an emphasis on promoting service to the state, country and community at large. This program is designed to prepare future leaders to meet the challenges faling the military, private, public, and corporate sectors in today’s highly competitive society and global economy. This unique program will model leadership concepts found in many military Junior ROTC programs nationally as well as management strategies found in government, corporate and the non-profit arenas.

It is the goal of this program to focus on character education, management, leadership, physical fitness, wellness, discipline, academic perfor-mance and other areas that produce graduates with the background to further their education at community college or four-year university. Graduates will also be able to step right into an entry level career in the private and public sectors or in the military.

Students in this program will be challenged to develop as leaders and active citizens.