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Baking/Pastry Arts
Gloucester Township Campus

Talk about the sweet life!  Executive pastry chefs work at exotic resorts, on cruise ships and for luxury hotels. They're also found in fine restaurants, specialty patisseries, and the homes of the famous and powerful (including the White House) -- anyplace where there's a need to create delicious, beautiful baked goods on a large scale.

Students in the Baking/Pastry Arts program at CCTS learn the skills needed to become all-around bakers. They are taught how to properly use ovens, mixers, sheeters, and scales. Safety practices and basic bakery principles are stressed during the initial training. Practical applications include making cookies, cakes, sweet dough breads, rolls, French pastries, tarts, candies and donuts.

Students learn how to work with assorted bread dough, including mixing, shaping, proofing, baking, finishing and proper storage. They learn assorted cake batter preparations, including creaming method, one- and two-stage methods, as well as proper panning, baking, cooling, and finishing of each product.

They work with sweet dough, quick-bread dough, donut dough, and puff pastry dough, and learn how to properly prepare, bake, cool, and finish each type of product produced including coffee cakes, muffins, loaf cakes, assorted donut types both yeast raised and cake type.  They work with short dough to prepare tarts and other products. Students are also well versed in cookie preparation and work with all seven types of makeup method cookies.

Students also learn how to prepare various types of mousses; assorted pastry creams and simple syrups; pate choux, and ice cream using our churn-frozen machine. Advanced training involves cake decorating, including the more intricate decorating of novelty and wedding cakes.

Graduates may enter the work force as bakery helpers or decorators, oven tenders, dough molders, mixers or bench hands, and if they have the right skills, can advance through the ranks to lead a staff.  Graduates are encouraged to continue their education at the college level as many offer culinary arts and baking as courses of study.  A growing number of pastry chefs also participate in training and/or certification programs sponsored by independent cooking schools, large hotels, and restaurant chains.

Culinary Arts
Gloucester Township Campus and Pennsauken Campus

This program provides students with experience in preparing, servicing and managing tasks associated with large volume commercial cooking. Students learn front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations by planning, preparing and serving daily meals. They also learn the artistic side of food preparation in gourmet cooking, buffet preparation, trade show competitions, baking and catering functions.

Units of instruction include ordering and inventory control, customer service, delicatessen operations, kitchen work, fry cook skills, salad, soup and sandwich preparations, salad bar, grill operations and preparation of main entrees.

Students also receive instruction in restaurant maintenance and equipment safety. Upon completion of the program, students may become prep cooks, cook helpers, grill short-order cooks, waitresses/ waiters, sandwich cooks, or caterers, or they may continue training at the college level.  During their senior year, students learn basic food safety practices for preparing and serving food, and take their NOCTI exam to become certified.