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Information Technology (IT)

Gloucester Township Campus

Students will learn how IT reaches into every corner of business and industry regardless of the specific enterprise. They may also participate in mentorship, job shadowing and cooperative education employment opportunities during their junior and senior years. After successfully graduating from the program and earning their high school degree, graduates may be awarded up to 20 college transferable credits (waiving almost one year of college). This program offers a world-class technology curriculum including rich online learning resources; links academic learning to real-world job skills, creates a skilled workforce for employers such as Lockheed Martin and Campbell Soup, and connects students and instructors to large corporations for lifelong personal and professional technology skills development.

**New Career for September 2013**Law & Safety
Law and Public Safety Academy

Gloucester Township Campus

Camden County Technical Schools is pleased to offer the Camden County Academy of Law and Public Safety at our Gloucester Township Campus to high school freshmen in September 2013. This course is a four-year program designed for students interested in pursuing careers in law enforcement, the penal system, firefighting, 9-1-1 telecommunications, emergency medicine, emergency management, loss prevention, and private security. This course provides an overview of the entire criminal justice system's response to crime, from the commission of the crime, to the law enforcement response, to the administration (courts and prosecution), to corrections.

Through a partnership with Camden County College, students in the Law and Public Safety program would be given the opportunity to earn college credit through articulation agreements with various courses in the program as well as dual enrollment in college courses taught in partnership with various related college departments. Continuing their education at the post-secondary level is encouraged.

Students also receive structured learning opportunities, internships, and other external exploration experiences through the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders via county governmental departments and related agencies such as the Prosecutors Office, municipal police departments, Emergency Communications, Police Academy, Fire Training Academy, local fire and Emergency Medical Services departments, Sherriff's Office, Camden County Department of Corrections, and other potential related agencies.

Major areas of study include: Criminal Justice; Public Safety (law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and emergency management); Corrections; Private Security; Criminal Investigation; Forensic Science, and Homeland Security and Terrorism.

Possible career paths upon successful completion of this career program include: law enforcement officer, corrections officer, homeland security, private security, emergency services, and loss prevention.

Medical Arts
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Gloucester Township Campus

Medical Arts LogoThe Medical Arts Academy is designed for high school students who plan to pursue a college degree in the medical field. This highly sought-after magnet program will allow students to spend part of their day onsite in medical facilities working side-by-side with physicians, nurses, technicians and hospital administrators. After being exposed to various health-related career fields over their four years of high school, graduates will be able to make a more informed decision when choosing a career pathway at the college level. CCTS has partnered with Camden County College, Richard Stockton College, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey to allow students the opportunity to earn college-transferable credits while they are still in high school. This will save time and money as participants in the Medical Arts Academy will enjoy a seamless medical education from high school through their professional degrees.

Music Academy
Gloucester Township Campus

The Music Academy offers participants an experience that is highly personalized, and deeply collaborative.  The certified instructor encourages students to pursue music for its educational rewards, the challenge of cultivating an interest, and to learn the skills needed to prepare for a career as a professional musician. Because we welcome students of all skill levels, our primary objective is to help students realize their “personal best”.  

Students are required to take courses in music theory, history, and technology as well as perform in large ensembles, such as wind ensemble, jazz band, and choir, throughout their four years. Select students in the Music Academy may also have opportunities to perform in ensembles, such as brass quintets, woodwind quintets, percussion ensemble, pit orchestras, Region III/All-State Bands, and a fully staged musical production. Students will also be encouraged to compose and perform their own music.

Students have the opportunity to earn college-transferable credits while in high school, and, ultimately, will acquire skills in preparation for the audition process and entry into an advanced college music program for performance, teaching, technology, or composition.

Applicants from all over Camden County may audition to study and perform at the Music Academy. Participants will refine and enhance their skills with each other and with the outstanding certified faculty and guest artists who join them; this ensures that students receive the highest quality instruction and education available.

In addition to the standard admission requirements, candidates will be required to participate in an audition/interview process for consideration for admission into the Music Academy. Specific audition requirements vary from instrument to instrument.

The Music Academy offers participants an experience that is highly personalized, and deeply collaborative. The instructor encourages students to pursue music for its educational rewards, the challenge of cultivating an interest, or for pleasure, relaxation, and enjoyment. Our school provides an environment where students seeking preparation for a professional career as a musician, as well as those interested in “playing for fun”, are equally encouraged. Because we welcome students of all skill levels, our primary objective is to help students realize their “personal best”.

Performing Arts

Gloucester Township Campus
Pennsauken Campus

Performing ArtsAlthough the main focus of the Performing Arts Academy is on acting, it also provides students with instruction in a variety of movement and vocal techniques.  It offers students comprehensive college preparatory high school training that includes: Acting (improvisation, scene study, monologue study, characterization, and the classics); voice and diction; movement; musical theater; theatre history, and professional and career development.

The student’s experience is comprised of: classroom instruction; auditions, production, performance, writing, yearly performance assessments, and a unique partnership with Camden County College including use of their theater facilities. Research suggests a direct correlation between involvement in music and the arts and increased mathematics, critical thinking and language arts skills. Other career programs at CCTS such as graphic arts, cosmetology, carpentry, business, electric, video production, and fashion design will be integrated into Performing Arts.

This skill set is the prerequisite for entry into, and success in, today’s highly competitive post-secondary education and professional theatre vocations.  These skills prepare the student not only for a career in theater, but for vocations including, but not limited to, radio, film, television, education, communications, and arts administration.


Gloucester Township Campus

Engineering is the application of scientific principles to solve practical problems. The Pre-Engineering program familiarizes students with the variety of occupational areas related to the field of engineering. Within this program, students experience applied practices in the engineering fields available to them at the college level including civil, mechanical, computer, environmental, industrial, and electrical engineering.

The Pre-Engineering/Robotics curriculum focuses on the engineering practices of designing, prototyping, analyzing and improving new and existing designs. Students use computers, engineering graphics, testing devices and equipment, and math/science principles in a laboratory setting to solve the real-world problems that confront engineers.

This program emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, the development of strong communication skills, and the legal and professional ethics of engineering.

Students who apply should have a strong interest in mathematics and science. The Pre-Engineering program of studies is articulated with college level programs so that course work done on a high school level is eligible to receive college credits once a student matriculates at partner colleges. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), recognized as a major engineering and engineering technology training institution in the United States, plays a significant role in the development and implementation of the curriculum that this program is based upon.