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Project Based Learning/Integrated Studies

Mission of Project Based Learning

All students will become life-long learners who demon-strate and communicate interconnected knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills as citizens of a global society. This program's mission supports with the district mission that all students will master the NJ CORE Curriculum Content Standards learning a viable career in a caring and safe environment.

What is Project Based Learning

Students enrolled in any Academy (Informational Technology, Medical Arts, Performing Arts, or Pre-Engineering/Robotics) will participate in project-based learning for their academic studies. This method, also known as Integrated Studies Program (ISP), is a comprehensive approach to instruction in which students are evaluated on individualized rubrics. Academic Advisors assess their ability and learning progress through their participation in school projects and practice of interdisciplinary skills, including world languages, language arts, mathematics, fine arts, social studies, science, and technology.

This initiative is a student-centered, student-driven and project-based program that focuses not only on knowledge but on the transfer of knowledge across the various academic areas and the application of knowledge to real-world scenarios. This format is non-traditional, and classes will be a blend of college-style seminar and research courses that will allow students to advance at their own pace.

Students in our Academies were chosen to participate in this style of academic learning because of the natural rigor, creativity and critical thinking skills that are required for student achievement. The challenges and inspiration that this program will provide will help students achieve even greater success as they prepare to compete in a global economy.