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In order to be able to do that the teachers frequented a variety of workshops each year. On average teachers went to about 3 workshops a year. These teacher training days were scheduled by Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA). The teachers loved these days. It sparked their creativity and empowered them to use what they had learned or made in their classrooms the following day. Below you will find a variety of different workshops that the teachers visited.

- Creative Movement
- Dance
- Theater in the Classroom
- Using Rhythms and Beats
- Apple Computers
- Sibelius (Music Writing Software)
- Making Instruments
- Creative Writing
- Printmaking
- Paper Making
- Guitar Lessons

The teachers also enrolled in a two week intensive summer course called ATI (Artist Teacher Institute). This two week program allowed teachers to work with teaching artists in two fields of their choice, considered a ‘major’ and a ‘minor’. At the end of the two week workshop, teachers shared the projects they had made and were energized to do similar things in their classrooms. Our teachers attended these workshops for two summers.